UNWG Program of Events

For more information about the programs, please contact the UNWG Activities Chairwoman at unwgactivitychair@gmail.com, or stop by or call the UNWG office during office hours.

To find other regular activities, such as language classes, arts & crafts groups, etc., click here.

April 2023

  • April 27 (Thursday)

Austrian Parliament
A visit to the newly renovated Parliament building. More details to follow. Sign-up in the UNWG office.

  • April 26 (Wednesday) 9.30-11.30, VIC F1001/F1075

Welcoming Coffee: Hosted by Tajikistan Embassy
The spring season marks the beginning of a new year in Tajikistan. "Navruz" is celebrated throughout the week with ladies coming together dancing and singing for 24 hours. April is blossoming time when a wide range of flowers add to the beautiful scenery on the meadows in the lowlands of the Fann Mountains and southern Tajikistan.

  • April 20 (Thursday)

Cooking Group: India
Anita and Raman will be preparing Indian specialities and invite us to share them. More details to follow. Sign-up in the UNWG Office.

  • April 19 (Wednesday) 9.30-11.30, VIC F1001/F1075

General Meeting
Presentation by Angelica Wölfer of the Vienna Service Office of the many amenities offered by the City of Vienna.

  • April 19-21 (Wednesday-Friday) VIC Cafeteria

Kiosk: Earth Day in April
To celebrate Earth Day, the Kiosk will be selling only sustainable products with a focus on recycled, repurposed and up-cycled.

  • April 14 (Friday) 10.15, Meet in front of the Schmetterlinghaus, Burggarten Hofburg, 1010

Schmetterlinghaus (The Butterfly House)
Visit the Schmetterlinghaus and afterwards enjoy a coffee/tea in the Palmenhaus next door. Sign-up in the UNWG office.

  • April 12 (Wednesday) 18.00, Prater, 1020

Frauen Fun Run 2023
Members of the UNWG walking/running group will be participating in the Frauen Fun Run. Please contact Doris Parker if you are interested in joining the group. Visit the Fun Run's website for more information. The 35th Österreichischer Frauenlauf will take place on June 4th.

  • April 11 (Tuesday) 15.30 on Zoom

Dead Poets Society, Theme: Brunnen (Fountains/Springs)

  • April 5 (Wednesday) 10.30-13.00, Meeting point in front of Stephensdom

Friends and Newcomers Friendship Morning
We will be touring and discovering the hidden treasures of an interesting part of the city. More details to follow. Sign up in the UNWG office.

  • April 3 (Monday) 10.00

Book Group Discussion
"A Man's Place" - "I Remain in Darkness" - "Happening" - Your choice of 3 books by Annie Ernaux

March 2023

  • March 29 (Wednesday) 10.00, Schottentor, Opposite the Universität Wien (University of Vienna) 

City Walk & Uhren (Clock) Museum
Silvia will lead us through the first district and show us some interesting historical spots and their role in higher society. Afterwards we will visit the Clock Museum to see the fabulous arts of clocks that were designed throughout history. Sign-up in the UNWG office. Deadline: March 24 (Thursday)

  • March 22 (Wednesday) 9.45-11.30, VIC F1001/F1075

General Meeting
Nisreen Mirza, Member Services Supervisor at the VIC's UNFCU will discuss education and guidance when having a UNFCU account.

  • March 20 (Monday) Dinner at Café Lalibela, Schulgasse 7, 1180

Monthly International Restaurant Get-Together
For March, our second venue for exploring international cuisine is the exquisite food and famous Ethiopian coffee in an Ethiopian restaurant. Family members and friends are also encouraged to join us. Sign-up in the UNWG office or contact Shosho directly. Deadline: March 17 (Friday)

  • March 16 (Thursday) 10.00-12.00, VIC F1001/F1075

Cooking Group: Argentina
Patricia Esperon will be preparing delicious Argentinian dishes for us. We can watch, learn and assist her during her work. Deadline for sign-up in the UNWG office is March 13. Cost €10

  • March 14 (Tuesday) 15.30 on Zoom

Dead Poet Society, Theme: Twilight

  • March 11 (Saturday) 20.30-23.45, Kulturverein Reigen-live, Hadikgasse 62, 1140

Classic Rock Concert
Enjoy a classic rock concert with members, spouses, and friends. March 8 deadline for advanced tickets costing €22. (Contact Nora Aubert) Tickets at the venue cost €25.

  • March 9 (Thursday) 11.00, Meeting point: the beginning of the Prater Allee, 1020

Planetarium Prater Visit
We will view the Solaris Programme and be given a special English tour. Spouses are welcome to join. Sign-up: UNWG office.

  • March 8 (Wednesday) 9.30-11.30, VIC F1001/1075

Welcoming Coffee: Achievements by Sri Lankan Women
Hosted by the Sri Lankan Embassy

  • March 7-9 (Tuesday-Thursday) 12.00-14.00, VIC Rotunda

Book Shop Rotunda Sale
The UNWG Book Shop will be selling donated books in all genres and many languages, plus DVDs & CDs. All proceeds go to support children's charities.

  • March 6-9 (Monday-Thursday) 12.00-14.00, VIC Rotunda

Kiosk Rotunda Sale
In celebration of Women’s Day, the Kiosk will be in the Rotunda selling handicrafts, jewelry, UNWG logo items, and international goods. In recognition of the Kiosk’s 25th anniversary, a collection of jewelry was designed by Giana, a Greek Jewelry designer who works with various metal materials, including bronze and silver. These very unique items, designed with the theme of the laurel or olive branches, will also be on sale.

  • March 6 (Monday) 10.00

Book Group Discussion
"Before the Coffee Gets Cold" by Toshikazu Kawaguchi

  • March 1 (Wednesday) 10.00-12.00, VIC C-Building, 7th Floor, CR5

Friends and Newcomers Circle Workshop: Woman, who is she?
“March is the Month for women and March 8 is declared ‘The International Women’s Day’. What does this mean for us? Who is this woman? In a very light-hearted way, we will all take a look at this person called WOMAN. It will be an interactive and participatory workshop. Don’t miss it. Contact: Philomena Ugbor

February 2023

  • February 28 (Tuesday) 9.30, Vorgartenstraße U1 Station

Walking Along the Danube

  • February 22 (Wednesday) 9.30-11.30, VIC F1001/1075

General Meeting, Vienna Business Agency
A presentation by the Vienna Business Agency about the services they offer for international companies and expats.

  • February 21 (Tuesday) 15.30 on Zoom

Dead Poets Society, Theme: Epistolary Poems

  • February 17 (Friday) 10.30, IKAT Restaurant, Liechtensteinstrasse 33, 1090

Monthly International Restaurant Get-Together

  • February 15 (Wednesday) 9.30-11.30, VIC F1001/F1075

Welcoming Coffee
Carnival, hosted by H.E. Ambassador Laura Faxas, Dominican Republic

  • February 6 (Monday) 10.00

Book Group Discussion
"Love in the Time of Cholera" by Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

january 2023

  • January 25 (Wednesday) 9.30-11.30, VIC F1001 

General Meeting
Annual Report 2022, Installation of the 2023 Board

  • January 10 (Tuesday) 15.30 on Zoom

Dead Poets Society, Theme: Viewpoint

  • January 9 (Monday) 10.00

Book Group Discussion
"The Madness of Crowds" by Louise Penny

December 2022

  • December 15 (Thursday) 14.00-16.00, Meeting point: Inside the Upper Belvedere gate, D tram stop Schloss Belvedere

Weihnachtsdorf Schloss Belvedere
As the year comes to a close, it's time to enjoy at hot drink at one of Vienna's nicest Christmas markets.

  • December 14 (Wednesday) Meeting point: VIC Rotunda 15.00 or U1 Stephansplatz 15.30

Welcoming Punch, Stephansplatz Christkindlmarkt
Vienna is celebrating 300 years of the Christmas market this year. Join us for a punch, mulled wine, or other hot drinks and browse the many gift stands.

  • December 14 (Wednesday) Meeting point: VIC Rotunda 12.45

Visit to Rathaus (City Hall)
The City of Vienna invites UNWG members to another Vienna City Welcome welcoming members to the city and giving out useful information about living in Vienna. The presentations will be held in English. Participants need to register at the Vienna Service Office C0E14 by Monday, 12 December.

  • December 13 (Tuesday) 15.30, on Zoom

Dead Poets Society, Theme: Colour

  • December 5 (Monday) 10.00

UNWG Book Group Discussion
"Honour" by Elif Shafak

  • December 3 (Saturday) 10.00-18.00, Marx Halle

There are international gift items for sale, and special foods and drink from around the world. Multinational cultural entertainment for the family will be presented. Open to the public. Entrance is free.

November 2022

  • November 24 (Thursday) 10.30-13.00

Friends & Newcomers Friendship Morning
Ambar Yunani has graciously invited us to her home for our November gathering. Sign up in the UNWG office.

  • November 16-18 (Wednesday-Friday) 12.00-15.00, VIC Rotunda

Kiosk Rotunda Sale
The Kiosk will be selling gift items in the Rotunda. 

  • November 16 (Wednesday) 10.00-11.45, VIC F1001

General Meeting & Election
Election of 2023 UNWG Board.

  • November 9 (Wednesday) 9.30-11.45, VIC F1001

Welcoming Coffee - Bungo
We are going to play Bunco. Please bring €1 and a pencil if you would like to play. Spectators are always welcome.

  • November 8 (Tuesday) 15.30, on Zoom

Dead Poets Society, Theme: Trees

  • November 7 (Monday) 10.00

UNWG Book Group Discussion
"I Couldn't Love You More" by Esther Freud. If you are a UNWG member and interested in joining the book group, please contact bookgroupunwg@gmail.com.

October 2022

  • October 21 (Friday) 10:30-13:30, Meeting point: in front of the Urania near Schwedenplatz

Friends and Newcomers Circle: Friendship Morning
Our morning will begin with a short tour of places of interest in the city center and end at Silvia’s home for discussions and refreshments.

  • October 20 (Thursday) 10.15, Meeting point: Tram D Station Schloss Belvedere

Visit to Schlossgarten Belvedere.
Please register by October 19. For more information on the Belvedere: www.belvedere.at

  • October 19 (Wednesday) 10.00-11.45, VIC F-1001

General Meeting
Candidate presentation for 2023 UNWG Board and tai chi show.

  • October 18 (Tuesday) 15.30, on Zoom

Dead Poets Society, Theme: Kings and Queens

  • October 14 (Friday) 13.00-15.00, VIC Gardening Room F1040

Gardening Club Plant Swap - Open House
Bring a plant and take something we have multiple of; or propagate something we have by splitting and repotting or by taking a cutting; or swap with each other; or just stop by. There is no need to bring anything.

  • October 6 (Thursday) 10.00-12.00, VIC Festhall F1075

Indonesian Cooking Class
Please join Amber in her demonstration of making the Indonesian pastry, Bakwan. Maya will serve another Indonesian dish and we can enjoy the dishes together. Please register with Ambar Yunani by October 4. Cost is €10 per person.

  • October 3 (Monday) 10.00

UNWG Book Group Discussion
“The Magician" by Colm Toibin. If you are interested in joining the UNWG book group, please contact bookgroupunwg@gmail.com

September 2022

  • September 30 (Friday), 10.30-12.30, VIC Training Room F1037

Ribbon Embroidery Class (Fridays)
Ribbon Embroidery will meet every Friday beginning on September 30. Maya will have the materials to start the class. Please register with Maya Subki.

  • September 28 (Wednesday), 13.00, VIC Training Room F1037

Italian Conversation Course (Wednesdays)
The Italian conversation course will run from September 28 to December 14. To register, please contact Elena Starovoyt.

  • September 28 (Wednesday), VIC Training Room F1037

German Class (Wednesdays)
The German classes will restart on September 28 and meet every Wednesday afternoon. Intermediate/Advanced 14:00 - 14:40 -- Beginners 14:45 - 15:25

  • September 22 (Thursday), 11.00-13.30, VIC Rotunda

International Luncheon
The International Luncheon is back! This successful fundraiser is possible thanks to the kind donations of food and help from the embassies, and the dedication and hard work of our members. To donate, volunteer or for more information, contact Nora at unwgluncheon@gmail.com. Sign up is also available in the UNWG office.

  • September 20 (Tuesday) 10.15, Wien-Liesing S-Bahn Station

Weinlesen at Weingut Schödinger in Tattendorf
We go with S-Bahn and meet in the Wien-Liesing Station at 10:15. Then we go together to the small village Tattendorf and work together with the people from Weingut Schödinger. Registration by September 19 with Ambar Yunani.

  • September 19-21 (Monday-Wednesday), 11.00-14.00, VIC Rotunda

Rotunda Sale: Kiosk, Charity Shop & Book Shop
Come and explore the bargains that are there for you at the UNWG's Rotunda sale. We will have items for Peace Day at the kiosk, vintage items at the charity shop, and an eclectic variety of books in all genres and many languages for you to browse through and buy. The book shop will have a special sale on DVDs & CDs: €0,50 per disk. Tell all your friends and relatives to come and have a look at our unique collections for sale.

  • September 14 (Wednesday), 10.00, Café Frauenhuber, Himmelpfortgasse 6, 1010

Welcoming Coffee: Café Frauenhuber: The oldest café in Vienna
The owner of Café Frauenhuber, Herr Wolfgang Binder, will welcome us and give us a brief history of the oldest café in Vienna. The Vienna coffee house culture forms such an integral part of what it means to be Viennese that UNESCO put it on the intangible cultural heritage list for Austria. Registration: UNWG office or through Dalila by 10.00 on September 13.

  • September 13 (Tuesday), 15.30 on Zoom

UNWG Dead Poets Society: Theme: “What's in a Name”

  • September 12-15

Language Classes Resume
The language program will start the week of September 12. A donation of €3 per class is payable to the instructor. All money collected goes to the UNWG children's charities. Please see the Regular Activities webpage for details.

  • September 7 (Wednesday), 9.30-12.00, VIC, Activities Room F1001

Friends and Newcomers Gathering: "Connecting and getting to know each other better"
The UNWG Friends and Newcomers Circle (FNC) is a program with the primary aim of fostering friendship among new and old members of the Guild. In particular, the FNC welcomes new members and offers opportunities to share information to those newly arrived in Vienna. After two years of absence because of the pandemic, the FNC is gathering again. Please join us on Wednesday morning, September 7.

  • September 7 (Wednesday), 13.00, VIC

Extraordinary General Meeting
A general meeting will be held after the morning Friends & Newcomers Gathering to discuss the bazaar situation. It is really important that members attend so we know what you think before the board makes a final decision ahead of our deadline for a tentative reservation.

  • September 5 (Monday), 10.00

UNWG Book Group Discussion
“Lady in Gold” by Anne-Marie O'Connor. If you are interested in joining the UNWG book group, please contact bookgroupunwg@gmail.com

August 2022

  • August 26 (Friday), 11.30-14:30, Strandcafé, Florian-Berndl-Gasse 20, 1220 Wien (U1 Alte Donau stop) 

Summer Luncheon
Come and meet new people, get caught up on what others did over the summer, and enjoy the view of the Alte Donau. The Strandcafé will welcome our members with a glass of Sekt. Daily lunch menu is also available. Registration is required on or before August 19. Contact Tamara at unwgvienna2ndvicepresident@gmail.com or register in the UNWG office, open Wednesdays 11:00-13:00. 

June 2022

  • June 15 (Wednesday), 9.45-11.30, VIC F-1075

Indonesia: Diverse but One: by Peggy Febriani Nagashima
This presentation will feature one traditional dance and traditional instruments. Indonesian snacks will be provided. Charity donation of €3 at the door. Please register in the UNWG office or via email: unwgactivitychair@gmail.com.

  • June 14 (Tuesday), 15.30, on Zoom

UNWG Dead Poets Society: Theme: “Land of My Birth”

  • June 13 (Monday), 10:00, in-person & on Zoom

UNWG Book Group Discussion
“Afterlives” by Abdulrazak Gurnah. If you are interested in joining the UNWG book group, please contact bookgroupunwg@gmail.com.

  • June 13-17 (Monday-Friday), VIC Rotunda

Sustainable Fashion Exhibition
The Kiosk will be exhibiting with other organizations as part of the Sustainable Fashion Exhibition in the Rotunda to celebrate World Environment Day 2022. The exhibits will focus on solutions for reusing textiles. Please contact Dominique for details: unwgkiosk@gmail.com

  • June 9 (Thursday), 10.30-12.30, Neustiftgasse 4, 1070

Mekhitarist Monastery of Vienna and Museum https://mechitharisten.org
This tour of the Armenian Monastery is back by popular demand. Please review the website. The charge of this activity is €10 per person (donation to charity for museum and UNWG are included). There will be an English guide. Maximum participants 25 people. Preregister required by Wednesday, June 8: unwgactivitychair@gmail.com

  • June 8 (Wednesday), 10.00-11.00, VIC F-1075

Line Dance: Instructor: Mishele Ek
Minimum of 5 participants. Preregister required by noon on Tuesday, June 7: unwgactivitychair@gmail.com (See June 2 event for details.)

  • June 7 & 8 (Tuesday & Wednesday), 10.00, Gardening Room, F-1040.

Kiosk Workshop
The Kiosk is working on some accessories with textiles for the Sustainable Fashion Exhibition in the Rotunda (13-17 June). If you’re interested in creative handiwork that are environment friendly, join the workshop on 7-8 June. Please contact Dominique for details: unwgkiosk@gmail.com

  • June 2 (Thursday), 10.00-11.00, VIC F-1075

Line Dance: Instructor: Mishele Ek
Bring a healthy smile for helping to heal your own body, mind, spirit and soul, wear comfortable clothing, bring a bottle of water and mat. Each participant is also asked to pay a charity donation of €5 at the door. Minimum of 5 participants. Preregister required by noon on Wednesday, June 1: unwgactivitychair@gmail.com

  • June 1 (Wednesday), 11.00, Favoritenstraße 15A, 1040

UNWG Welcoming Coffee: Diplomatische Akadamie
A presentation and tour of the Diplomatische Akademie in the 4th district conducted by Susanne Keppler-Schleisinger, Deputy Director of the Akademie, with an optional prepaid lunch. Maximum 25 participants. Registration and payment in the UNWG office. Deadline May 18

May 2022

  • May 30-31 (Monday & Tuesday), 10.00-14.00, VIC Rotunda

UNWG Rotunda Sale 
The Kiosk, Book Shop and Charity Shop will be there to sell beautiful gifts, shelves of books, and gently used items. For details, contact unwgoffice@gmail.com.

  • May 27 (Friday), 10.00-11.30, VIC F-1075

Energy and Dance for Health & Wellbeing: Instructor: Lynn Geertsen-Rowe
Bring a healthy smile for helping to heal your own body, mind, spirit and soul, wear comfortable clothing, bring a bottle of water and mat. Each participant is also asked to pay a charity donation of €5,00 at the door. This activity will run if a minimum of 5 participants have registered. Preregister via email by noon on Thursday, May 26 to: unwgactivitychair@gmail.com.

  • May 25 (Wednesday), 10.00-11.45, VIC F-1075

General Meeting: Back together in the New Normal... 
Catch up with each other and hear about what's happening in the UNWG. We have many announcements and updates to share. 

  • May 22 (Sunday), 9.00, Prater Stadion 

34. ASICS Österreicher Frauenlauf  https://www.oesterreichischer-frauenlauf.at/en
The Frauenlauf is open for everyone to participate.  You can choose 5K or 10k, walk or run in the Prater Park. Registration by 1 May. Come and join the team from UNWG: “We Run to Move”.

  • May 19 (Thursday), 9.45, VIC, F-1075

Art of Chinese Oil Painting and Calligraphy Workshop (Famous artist: Ms. Yusheng Zhao)
Join the basic workshop of Chinese traditional painting. During the lesson the artist will show us the results of her painting. Each participant is also asked to pay a charity donation of €3,00 at the door. Preregistration required: unwgactivitychair@gmail.com, via email by Saturday, 14 May. 

  • May 16 (Monday), 18.00, Terrace of Arcotel Hotel Opposite VIC 

UNWG Welcome Coffee/Drinks: International Day of Living Together in Peace
Now that the weather feels like spring, we will take the opportunity to meet, talk, have fun and celebrate! Come join us for a drink at the Arcotel Bar opposite the VIC. (Spouses are welcome!) Registration by May 13 unwgviennawelcomingchair@gmail.com

  • May 12 (Thursday), 10.00, Hofburg Michaeler-kuppel,1010 Wien

Sisi Museum Vienna Hofburg (Sisi Museum-Imperial Apartment-Imperial Silver Collection) 
Visit the historic apartments of Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth and admire the magnificent Habsburg collections of silver and porcelain. At the Sisi Museum you can explore the unusual personality of Elisabeth and the many different facets of her character.  Cost: €16+(€3 for donation).

  • May 6 (Friday), 10.00, VIC, F-1040 Gardening Room

Quilting Group 
Participants will meet in the gardening room (F-1040) to work on projects, individual and/or charity projects. All are welcome, from beginner to advance levels. Coordinator: Kathy Weindll. 

  • May 5 (Thursday) 9.30-10.30, VIC F-1075

Line Dance: Instructor: Mishele Ek
1. Bring a cheerful smile. 2. Bring a bottle of water, wearing comfortable clothing and shoes. 3. Each participant is also willing to commit to donating to charity minimum €3,00 (more is welcome) and hand it over to the instructor before the activity starts. 4. For those who would love to join the Line Dance, please kindly register at unwgoffice@gmail.com.

  • May 3 (Tuesday), 15.00 on Zoom 

UNWG Dead Poets Society: Theme: “Reconciliation”

  • May 2 (Monday), 10.00, in-person & on Zoom

UNWG Book Group Discussion 
“A Bell for Adano” by John Hersey. If you are interested in joining the UNWG book group, please contact bookgroupunwg@gmail.com