Joining Hands to Help Children

 Applications for Charity Projects Funding in 2024
Deadline: 10 December 2023

UNWG Charity for Children


Each year the UNWG financially supports many children’s charities in Austria and through out the world. This project-based program is organized for the sole purpose of benefiting children in need. The UNWG charity program assists abused children, those having restricted access to education, children with serious health problems, children having no access to clean drinking water, victims of calamity or catastrophe, orphans, children with special needs or children suffering from extreme poverty or starvation. Over the last 56 years a total of more than €6 million has been raised and disbursed to these projects. You may find a few of the implemented projects here.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic the UNWG severely restricted its activities during 2020-2022. The International Festival Bazaar, the major fundraising source for the charity program, was cancelled in 2020 and 2021, and therefore no grants were provided in 2021 and 2022. The UNWG was able to resume fundraising in 2022 and a smaller International Festival Bazaar was held. The result of the 2023 application and review process can be found here.


Project selection criteria:

  • Projects must benefit children no older than 18 (21 if disabled) or mother/child care programs.
  • The services of the organization must be available to all children without discrimination, regardless of race, gender, ethnic origin or religion.
  • Projects must be sustainable and have continuation plans. Requests should address basic needs in health, education, water and shelter, focusing on long term assistance (e.g. clean water supply, sanitation facilities, school construction or repair, classroom furniture, educational or vocational materials/equipment, medical equipment, special needs support.)
  • Applicant organizations must be registered as charities with their government.
  • Application forms in 7 languages are available online (see links below).


Selection Process

Once a year, a committee of UNWG members reviews over 100 applications and recommends a selected number of projects for the UNWG general membership to approve. The funds are usually disbursed within the year.  For example, in 2023 the UNWG members approved €60,326 for 9 projects in 9 countries, serving 1,539 children and 52 women. This amount was raised by members of the UNWG in 2020-2022 through a variety of activities, including the International Festival Bazaar, the UNWG Kiosk and other fundraisers, as well as donations received. 

Project Approval

The conditions for funding are: 

  • Maximum funding allowed for each project is €10,000 or equivalent in US dollars. Funding for a specific part of a project may be approved.
  • Funds may be used only for the project presented and approved. The Charity Review Committee must endorse any change in the utilization of funds in advance.
  • The Charity Review Committee monitors the projects to ensure that funds are used for the intended purpose. On completion of the project, a written report is submitted to the UNWG by the organization, including a financial accounting of fund utilization.
All Projects Funded 2011-2023

UNWG has been funding children's charities for over 50 years. Click to view the projects in the last ten years.
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