UNWG Regular Activities

A donation of €3 or more is collected at the language classes and some of the regular activities.  All money collected goes to the UNWG children’s charities. 

To confirm the date and location of any activity, please contact the UNWG activity chairperson at unwgactivitychair@gmail.com or the UNWG office unwgoffice@gmail.com.

Language Classes

  • Italian: Contact Elena Starovoyt
  • Russian: Contact Elena Starovoyt
  • Spanish: Contact Dalila Leon-Kostal

Ongoing Fundraising

  • Kiosk: Monday to Friday, 12.00-15.00, VIC Gate 1 Visitor Center, Contact Dominique Nicklisch
  • Charity Shop: Tuesday & Thursday, 12.00-14.00, VIC Room GOE76, Contact Aloma Macho
  • Book Shop: Wednesday & Friday, 12.00-14.00, VIC Room GOE76, Contact Teresa Schulte

Regular Activities

  • Walk/Run

Tuesday & Thursday, 8.30
Walk or run, do it according to your preference. Contact Doris Parker

  • Bridge Club

Tuesday, 14.00-17.00, VIC F Building, 9/f
There is no instructor, but this group of friendly women play for fun and are willing to help new players learn. Contact Sheila Elizabeth Philip

  • Quilting Group

Friday, 10.00-12.00, VIC Gardening Room F1040
Participants will meet to work on individual and/or charity projects. All are welcome, from beginner to advance levels. Contact Kathy Weindl

  • Ribbon Embroidery Class

Friday, 10.00-12.00, VIC Training Room F1037
Maya has the materials to start the class. Contact Maya Subki

  • Knitting

Tuesday, 10.00-10.45, VIC C-4 Coffee Bar. Beginners knitting with simple, cute pieces. Completed items can be given to the Charity Shop for sale. Contact Aloma Macho

  • Cooking Group Classes

Once a month, every 3rd week of the month. Cost €13 for ingredients and charity contribution.
If interested to have a turn in cooking please call Maya for details. Contact Maya Subki

  • Book Group

Meets once a month on a Monday to discuss a book chosen by the group. Contact Teresa Schulte - Cost: €5 donation

  • Poetry Group

“Dead Poet Society” meets once a month on a Tuesday to discuss a theme chosen by the group. Contact Madelief Djelantik-Hobohm