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Helpful Links

These sites provide information on Vienna, Austria and international women's organizations:

UNWG - New York
A sister organization.

UNWG - Geneva
Another sister organization

American Women's Association of Vienna
Official site of the American Women's Association of Vienna, a sister organization of the UNWG. Information on living in Vienna and expatriate life, links to other international women's organization. 

Austrian National Tourist Office
The Official Web Site of the Austrian National Tourist Office. All the official information and some more.

Austrian Press & Information Service
More official information about Austria, issued by the Austria Embassy in Washington, D.C.

British Embassy in Vienna
Contains good list and contact for English-speaking organizations in Vienna.

Canadian Embassy in Vienna
The official website of the Canadian Embassy.  

US Embassy in Vienna
U.S. government's official site for the embassy.

IAEA Staff Development Center
A portal of information and links on job opportunities, expatriate life and living in Vienna. Particularly useful for UN related spouse and retirees.

UN Joint staff Pension Fund
Information on the rights of a spouse of United Nations staff member and other information on UN Pension Funds.

Vienna Babies Club
The Vienna Babies Club is a support network for expat women living in and around Vienna who are pregnant or have small children.

Vienna Online
What to do in Vienna? Suggestions for tourists.

Expat Center Vienna
Established by the city of Vienna to to help expatriate families to make their time in Vienna, whether at work or in private life, as pleasant and as sucessful as possible.

Vienna Service Office at the VIC
The city of Vienna has a branch office in the Rotunda of the VIC, specially arranged to provide services for staff members and visitors to the Vienna International Center.  To access this site, please contact >>Vienna Service Office.

Vienna: official site of City of Vienna
City of Vienna's official directory in English.

Vienna: Helpful information for foreigners
This is the Austrian government site that provides all the essential information for foreigners living in Vienna, including: marriage registry, work permit, auto registration, etc. 

European Consumer Centre Austria
Netzwerk der Europäischen Verbrauchcherzentren (ECC-Net) gives advice to consumers who have purchased defective products and need refund, return or compensation.

Virtual Vienna Net
Excellent introduction to Vienna, leads to many useful information and sites.

Women's Career Network
The international career network for highly qualified professional women seeking to develop and expand their career opportunities in Austria.

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