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19March 2020


"The purpose of the Guild shall be to assist children in need and/or mother-child care programs throughout the world, and to serve as a mutual bond and center of interest for women connected with the United Nations Organizations in Vienna."
-Constitution of the UNWG

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  Due to the situation with Covid-19, all programs of the UNWG are
cancelled until further notice.
Diagnostic zentrum Med22
Ukraine in Wien
General Meeting
Wednesday 25 March 2020

Where: Vienna International Center,
10th floor, F-1075

"Diagnosis for Women's Health"
Vienna City Walk
Wednesday 26 March 2020
10.00- 12.00

Meeting Point: Schwedenplatz
U4 Exit

"Ukrainians in Vienna"

We have invited the leading doctors from the Diagnosticszentrum Med22 to present various issues of women's health. Dr.Maryam Schatzer and Dr Barbara Horvath will discuss how women's illness is diagnosed, including breast and cervical cancer, two of the major health issues for women. They will also explain x-ray,memography, ultra sound, computed tomography CT scan, and Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), among others.
Our Ukrainian member Natalia Kuzmanenko will lead us to explore Vienna's connection with Ukraine. In 1683, Ukrainian soldiers took part in the liberation of Vienna as the city was under Turkish siege. In the 1900s Vienna was the refuge for Ukrainiers who fought to establish the independance of their country. Nowadays, new establishment from Ukraine have returned to Vienna. Bonus: free "coffee to go" at Fenster Café, the smallest coffee shop in Vienna. Please sign up at the UNWG office, or email >Natalia.
Newletter March 2020
2019 CRC Regions
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  Children's Charity
€135,794 for 22
projects in 21 countries
has been approved by the UNWG general members for funding in 2019. This amount was raised by members of the UNWG in 2018. For a list of the projects approved, click >> here. Notifications have been sent to all approved applicants.  Due to the large number of applicants, only approved applications have been notified. 
kiosk recycle
bazaar 2018 _Ethiopaedia
Kiosk-International Gift Shop
Repurpose, Reuse, Reuse, Recycle
In an effort to be sustainable the Kiosk has stocked environment friendly green products.
They are made from recyclable materials from pencils-to-plant, cups to go, bags to reuse.We are proud to present our own  UNWG LOGO sustainable Badge holder, made out of worked recycled plastic, the first to be made of this material !
Gate 1, Vienna International Center. Open to the general public
When: Mon.-Fri., 12:00-15:00
Sale of souvenirs from Austria and around the world. We also repair jewellery at reasonable price. Call us:2600-21313 at opening hours.
All proceeds go to UNWG children's charities.
"Ethiopean Documentary" presents a video showing the UNWG Bazaar through many years. Please click >>heree for the link.
CRC 2019 group
  2019 Charity Review Committee and some of the members