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3 March 2019


"The purpose of the Guild shall be to assist children in need and/or mother-child care programs throughout the world, and to serve as a mutual bond and center of interest for women connected with the United Nations Organizations in Vienna."
-Constitution of the UNWG

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United Nations Women's Guild


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  International Women's Day  
  UNWG Vienna will celebrate International Women on Friday 8 March 2019. We will meet at Vienna International Center, Hall C3 (7th floor), 09.30-12.00. Supportive staff members of the VIC will be recognized. There will be stories of great women, music of our time and images of solidarityaroundthe world.  
  ARICSA   Ukraine  

General Meeting
Wednesday 20 March 2019
Vienna International Center, F-1075


Welcoming Coffee
Wednesday 27 March 2019
Vienna International Center, F-1075

UNWG members are invited to learn about ARICSA (Association of Retired International Civil Servents Austria). Women tend to let the spouse manage the business parts of life and death…registration of birth, life and health insurance, paying bills, while we are busy bringing up children, shopping and cooking every day while holding down a job outside of home. When we are suddenly confronted with a change of the situation such as divorce, illness and death, we are often lost.  If your spouse or yourself is a member of the ARISA, you might find some expert advice or referral there. Jerry Baton, the ARISA President will present the organization to UNWG members.



2019 is a year of Ukrainian culture in Austria. Please come and share with us this Coffee Morning.

Those members who have kindergarten kids are welcome to bring them as UNWG member Maryna GUSHCHYNA will entertain them with a robotics master-class.

Authentic pastry and coffee will be served.


2019 March Newsletter
2018 charity by sector
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  Choldren's Charity
€224,903 for 28 projects in 27 countries
has been approved by the UNWG general members for funding in 2018. This amount was raised by members of the UNWG in 2017. For a list of the projects approved, click >> here. Notifications have been sent to all approved applicants.  Due to the large number of applicants (900+), only approved applications have been notified. 
Kiosk Valentin sale 2019
bazaar 2018 _Ethiopaedia
Kiosk-International Gift Shop
Gate 1, Vienna International Center. Open to the general public
When: Mon.-Fri., 12:00-15:00
Sale of souvenirs from Austria and around the world. We also repair jewellery at reasonable price. Call us:2600-21313 at opening hours.
All proceeds go to UNWG children's charities.
"Ethiopean Documentary" presented a video showing the UNWG Bazaar through many years. Please click >>heree for the link.
CRC 2018
  2018 Charity Review Committee: Sandya Perera Chairwoman (Sri Lanka), Karissa Laughter, Alternate Chairwoman (USA), Shreela Shrestha (Nepal), Gill Spina (United Kingdom), Cathy Kieffer (Canada), Najwa Chedarri-El Gharbi (Morocco), Patricia Esperon (Argentina),  Nataliia Kuzmanenko (Ukraine), Philomena Ugbor (Nigeria), Faten Qubain (Jordan), Maya Subki (Indonesia), Diana Oyugi (Kenya), Belinda Leslie (Australia),  Deborah Danielson (USA), Kayo Nakano (Japan), Xin Ke (China), Stephanie Jepsen (Australia), Nayra Younes (Egypt),  Tezer de Groot (Turkey), Makiko Nagai-Xerri (Japan), Marina Kalinkova (Russia), Rosario Jara de Vela (Ecuador), Vera Keselicova (Czech Republic), Susan Suvedi (Nepal), Aloma Macho (Austria), Gulnar Hantes (Lebanon), Rahel Fikru Wedajo (Ethiopia).  


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