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Family Support Committee

FSC: Helping Members to Help Themselves 


The Family Support Committee (FSC), formerly known as the Family Status Committee, established in 1990, is an important part of the United Nations Women’s Guild (UNWG) role as a mutual bond and centre of interest for UN Women’s Guild members connected to the United Nations and its Specialized Agencies through their own work or their family relationship to a staff member of the United Nations organizations in Vienna.  The FSC aims to promote members’ emotional well-being.  In particular, it helps Guild members to find support and guidance in crisis situations.
The Family Support Committee (FSC) does not provide a counselling service.  The aims of the Family Support Committee are:

  • to support spouses and families in distress by facilitating access to appropriate sources of help, referrals or provision of primary information;
  • to collect information and compile case studies which enable the FSC to identify generic problems;
  • to pinpoint any shortcomings of the UN system and to make suggestions for improvements.

Confidentiality and anonymity are an integral part of the process.

  “Due to the strict Corona limitations during which FSC Team cannot meet UNWG members in need of guidance, please find below several addresses where appropriate information are provided for different situations/matters.  After the termination of Corona limitations the FSC Team will be ready to meet and talk with you in case you have matters to discuss”.    
    Frauenhelpline: 0800 / 222 555
ttFrauenhelpline: 0800 / 222 555 ps://
  For further information and confidential assistance, please call any of the members of the committee. Contact details are given in the current Newsletter.  



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