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"One hundred years from now it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had in my bank account, nor what my clothes looked like. But the world may be a little better because I was important in the life of a child."
- Forest E. Witcraft
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Together We Make a Difference
Here are samples of some projects that we provided funding in previous years. Please click >> below for the region:
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    GHANA - Vulnerable Aid Organization (VAO)  
    The UNWG grant was used to complete a classroom block for Fankyenekor Primary School, thereby reducing overcrowding and allowing more children from this rural community to receive an education.   The contribution was a continuation of assistance awarded to the Vulnerable Aid Organization in 2017 which provided clean drinking water to the school and local community.  
Ghana CRC 2018
    UGANDA  - Peace Initiative of Internally Displaced Women’s Association (PIIDWA)
The UNWG donation enabled construction of a four-classroom block, water harvesting tank and a pit latrine to improve rural child education for 672 pupils at Kadokolene community primary school in Kakoro Budaka district Uganda
Uganda CRC 2018
    BANGLADESH  - Blind Education and Rehabilitation Development Organisation (BERDO)
The UNWG funds were used to purchase items needed by the Braille library of the BERDO Blind School.  Items acquired included a Braille printer and computers with JAWS (Job Access With Speech) screen reading software, in support of BERDO’s goal to further education through independent life skills training for students with visual impairment.
Bangladesh CRC  2018
    CAMBODIA  - Mith Samlanh
The Mith Samlanh Education Center in Phnom Penh works to move vulnerable children away from child labour and street life, aiming to reintegrate them into public schools.  UNWG contributed towards urgent repairs for the centre, creating 6 classrooms with fans and lighting, as well as upgrading the bathrooms for girls and boys. With a more comfortable, safe and engaging space, the quality of education is improved, which will allow Mith Samlanh to teach around 300 children and reintegrate over 165 students into public schools in 2019.
Cambodia 2018 CRC
    VIETNAM  - SAO BIEN  Room for Education
The goal of Sao Bien is to support and provide access to education in Vietnam by building schools in impoverished remote areas, often home to ethnic minorities.  UNWG financed construction of a 3 classroom block at a primary school in Ha Giang province with the involvement of the local community. In addition, the NGO provided a teacher’s room, sanitary facilities and school furniture.
    Vietnam crc 2018  
Vietnam 2018 CRC


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    AUSTRIA  - Kinderhospiz Netz
The Kinderhospiz Netz cares for children with incurable diseases, offering nursing, therapeutic, palliative and counselling services on a daily basis.  UNWG assisted with the extension of the centre to accommodate more paediatric patients through purchase of a kitchen unit, furniture for dining, therapy and counselling rooms, medical equipment and special therapeutic toys.
Austfia CRC 2018
    ARMENIA  - Autism National Foundation
Assistance to the Socio-Habilitation Day Care Center for Children and Teenagers with Autism “My Way”.  Continuation of a UNWG grant awarded in 2015 for roof construction, the funds were used for installation of sanitary facilities in an additional wing to the existing building.  The extension will be utilized for age-specific treatment, vocational training and activities for teenagers, thereby improving quality of life and contributing to their engagement in society. 
Armenia crc 2018
    BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA  - Center for children with physical and/or mental disabilities “Mary – Our Hope”
The "Mary - Our Hope" Centre aims to provide technical support to children at the earliest stage and to increase the availability, quality and sustainability of healthcare in the area of West Herzegovina.  The UNWG grant assisted children with neurological risk symptoms through the procurement of didactic materials for development of sensory integration.
Bosnia CRC 2018
    Ukraine - Orphanage for children suffering from central nervous system and mental disorders in Tulchyn, Ukraine.
The orphanage offers shelter, education, medical and social rehabilitation to children with severe multiple di.abilities.  UNWG funds enabled renovation of the sanitary facilities in the dormitory and treatment areas, including wheelchair access, thereby ensuring hygienic standards and safe premises.
    Ukrain crc 2018  


    BOLIVIA  - Asociación Centro de Apoyo Educativo Social y Salud (CENAPESS) 
UNWG funds provided educational materials to strengthen reading and mathematical reasoning at the Juan Carlos Flores Bedregal primary school, attended by disadvantaged and poor children.
Bolivia 2018 CRC
    PARAGUAY - Asociación Cultural Paraguayo-Austriaca  (Kinder Mit Hoffnung)
The Perrulero Mi Education Centre in Villa Rica assists street children to improve their skills in mathematics, languages, vocational and computer skills offering a brighter future.  In addition to a two room school block and sanitation facilities provided in previous years, UNWG funding constructed an additional multipurpose classroom and a playground in 2018. 
Paraguay crc 2018
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    JORDAN  - National Association for Special Needs (NASN)
NASN provides education and training services for individuals with special needs, in order to develop their abilities and help them integrate into society.   UNWG upgraded carpentry equipment and utensils for the carpentry workshop, ensuring safety standards, improving the capabilities and self-confidence of the students.  
Jordan NASN
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    UNHCR/  AUSTRIA - Verein Live Music Now “UNISONO”
Live Music Now “UNISONO” is a voluntary integration project overseen by professional musicians.  Instruction is given free of charge to unaccompanied young refugees encouraging artistic expression, psychological balance, intercultural dialogue and acceptance into the local community. The UNWG grant was used for purchase of instruments enabling more refugees to participate in this musical education programme.
    UNHCR crc 2018  

The United Nations Women's Guild Vienna is proud that our efforts help to make the world better for children in need. Together we make a difference.