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"One hundred years from now it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had in my bank account, nor what my clothes looked like. But the world may be a little better because I was important in the life of a child."
- Forest E. Witcraft

Together We Make a Difference
Here are samples of some projects that we provided funding in previous years. Please click >> below for the region:
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  Côte d'Ivoire - Association pour le développement social et culturel     (ADESC)  

ADESC aims to improve access to quality education in rural communities.  UNWG funded renovation of12 primary classrooms, the kindergarten classroom, administrative offices and the school canteen at the Zinzénou Primary School, Abengourou.  In addition, new table/bench sets were purchased. 

  Afric_Ivery Coast   Africa Ivery Coast  

Ghana  -  Vulnerable Aid Organization
The UNWG grant funded construction of a borehole providing clean drinking water to the pupils of Fankyenekor Primary School and the local community.

  CRC 2017 Ghana   crc 2017 Ghana  

Mali - Das Klumpfussprojekt
Das Klumpfuss project provides preventive treatment to children affected with club foot by applying the Ponseti method, thereby encouraging social and educational integration into society.  Through the UNWG contribution 95 children from poor areas were treated.  The NGO has primarily concentrated on young children but has expanded its reach giving hope to older disabled children who will be able to access treatment in the future.  An earlier UNWG grant assisted 85 children in 2015.

  crc2017 complete Mali  

South Africa – Hands of Honour
Hands of Honour has successfully initiated production of mobile classrooms/libraries called ‘Angel Classroom on Wheels’, which solve a lack of space for educational instruction and are equipped with books, learning resources and teaching aids.  The UNWG grant was used to install these units in 33 early learning centres in impoverished areas.  The labour force for installation was taken from local poorer communities, thereby creating jobs.

  crc 2017 South Africa   crc 2017 South Africa  

Togo  -  Synergie d’Actions pour un Développement Approprié  (SADA
SADA is committed to ensuring that quality primary education is free of charge for all without discrimination.  UNWG financed construction of three classrooms and a secure walled enclosure, providing an improved learning environment for the children attending Bagbé Kpédzi Primary School

  crc 2017 complete Togo    

Uganda  -  Rock of Joy Trust
The Rock of Joy Trust has established three schools to assist vulnerable communities in Uganda.   UNWG financed the construction of a three classroom nursery block at the Lady Grace School in Bukobogo.

  crc 2017 Uganda   CRC 2017 Uganda  

Cambodia  -  See Beyond Borders UK
The UNWG grant constructed three new kindergarten classrooms in the small impoverished rural district of Lvea Chas, enabling a larger number of children to access education and a brighter future.

  crc 2017 Cambodia   crc 2017 Cambodia  

China  -  Hequ County Qianchuan Joint School
Hequ County Qianchuan Joint School is situated in a remote area of China.  UNWG upgraded the study areas through the purchase of 50 desk/chair sets, blackboards and dining room furniture.

  crc2017 China   crc 2017 China  

India  -   Little Stars School 
Little Stars School in Nagwa Varanasi takes in street children, providing nurture, shelter and education.  UNWG supported this cause by paying for refurbishment and restoration of classroom furniture.

  crc 2017 India   crc 2017 India  

Indonesia   -   Yayasan Peduli Kemanusiaan Bali  
This NGO is dedicated to integrated support for children with physical disability.  The UNWG contribution was used for the purchase of specialist equipment and allowed an additional 136 children to be assisted.

  crc 2017 Indesia   crc 2017 Indonesia  
  rc2017 Indonesia   crc 2017 Indonesia  

Kyrgyzstan  -  Children's Rehabilitation Center
This project entitled ‘Giving Warmth’ allowed for new windows, doors and a disabled ramp to be installed at a home in Repina, Bischkek, caring for children with special needs.

  crc 2017 Kyrgyrstan   crc 2017 Kyrgyrstan  

Nepal  -  Foreningen for Gatubarn
(Nepal - Society for Street Children in Nepal)

Following the earthquake in Nepal, this NGO built a new school in Rathankot. UNWG funded tablebench sets for 130 children, as well as book shelves and black boards for 8 classrooms.

  crc 2017 Nepal   crc 2017 Nepal  

Nepal - Help for Children Beilngries-Kathmandu
UNWG assisted the Shree Mahalaxmi Higher Secondary School in Lubhu by financing construction of a library on the first floor of an existing one-storey class room block.

  crc 2017 Nepal   crc 2017 Nepal  

Sri Lanka - Meth Care Early Childhood Education, Day Care and Community Development Center
The Methcare Centre helps extremely poor families to break out of the cycle of poverty, by assisting children to obtain a solid foundation in education and also attending to nutrition and healthcare issues.  UNWG funded repair of the pre-school section, purchase of classroom furniture and educational tools, resulting in a brighter, well equipped, learning space at this nursery school facility.  Renovation of playground equipment was also undertaken.

  crc 2017 Sri Lanka   crc 2017 Sri Lanka  


Egypt  -  Child Neurology Caring Society in Alexandria
The Child Neurology Caring Society runs an integrated system for the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy at their centre in Alexandria.  UNWG funded purchase of physical therapy and neuro-rehabilitation equipment, a swimming pool unit for hydrotherapy sessions and specialist tools.  CNCS has provided professionals and diagnostic equipment and, together with the UNWG contribution, this has enabled the centre to expand its services assisting a larger number of children from low income families.

  crc 2017 Egypt   crc 2017 Egypt  
crc 2017 Egypt   crc 2017 Egypt

Jordan - Our Lady of Peace Center for Persons with Disabilities
Our Lady of Peace Center program serves the needs of Syrian refugee and less privileged Jordanians with physical disability offering free treatment, prosthetic limbs, distribution of prostheses and orthoses.  The UNWG contribution assisted 114 child patients with spinal, knee, ankle and foot orthoses allowing them to become more independent in their daily activities.

crc 2017 Jordan   crc 2017 Jordan   crc 2017 Jordan



Brazil  -  Associacao Amigos da Casa da Amizade
UNWG supported rebuilding of Casa da Amizade, a community centre for children, following a fire in 2016.  The UNWG grant was used for kitchen and sanitation facilities, contributing to a program for easier access to education and better quality of life for vulnerable families in Sao Paolo.

crc 2017 Brazil

Guatemala  -   Small Change 4 Big Change
'Small Change 4 Big Change' focuses on sustainable health and education for indigenous communities in Guatemala.   The project entitled ‘Healthy house and home’ paid for installation of 16 ecological stoves aiding improved health and nutrition for impoverished families.

crc 2017 Guatemala   crc 2017 Guatemala   crc 2017 Guatemala
  Haiti - Terre des Jeunes
Terres des Jeunes implements a proiect on nutrition, agriculture, health and support to orphans and vulnerable children of the Gonaives region.  UNWG helped by establishing vegetable gardens in five schools to promote food security.  Greenhouses, wheelbarrows and garden tools etc. were purchased with the grant.
  crc 2017 Haiti   crc 2017 Haiti  
  crc 2017 Haiti  

Nicaragua  -   Asociacion Nicaragüense para el Desarrollo Sostenible  (ANIDES)
The UNWG grant was utilized to provide clean drinking water and sanitation for 200 indigenous children attending primary school in the rural community of Zapote Pueblo Viejo.  Access to clean water also allows vegetables to be grown in the school garden for preparation of nutritious meals.  The health, education and standard of living for the children and community as a whole has improved.

crc 2017 Nicaragua   crc 2017 Nicaragua   crc 2017 Nicaragua

Serbia - “ZVONČICA” Childhood Cancer Parent Organization
ZVONČICA is committed to ensuring the best possible treatment, medical standards and quality of life for children with cancer and their families.  UNWG funded renovation of the ‘Family Home’ at the Mother and Child Health Care Institute of Serbia “Dr Vukan Čupić”, providing a nurturing and hygienic environment for children and adolescents during cancer therapy. 

  crc 2017 Serbia   crc 2017 Serbia  

Ukraine   -   Charitable Foundation Zaporuka
Zaporuka’s mission is to fight childhood cancer and support migrant families.  The UNWG contribution funded complete renovation of two pediatric patient units, including sanitary facilities, in the Department of Hematology and Intensive Chemotherapy, Child-Friendly Hospital Lviv.  The updated rooms will ensure improved health care, hygienic sanitation facilities and a nurturing environment for critically ill children.  This grant was a continuation of assistance awarded to Zaporuka in 2017 for renovation of rooms in the Pediatric Clinic of Neurosurgery, Kiev.

  crc 2017 Ukraine   crc 2017 Ukraine  
  UNHCR Syria   UNHCR Integrated school  

UNHCR / Fundación Promoción Social de la Cultura  (FPSC)
Jordan (Syrian refugees)
FPSC established a clinic in 2013 for disabled people/ people with special needs located in the Za'atari refugee camp, Jordan, with the financial support of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, UNHCR and other donors.  The clinic provides rehabilitation, psychological support and physiotherapy programmes for Syrian refugees, improving their social conditions and ability to engage in the daily life of the camp. UNWG funds have assisted 88 Syrian child refugees per month to gain access to the facilities, by adapting doorways, installing hand rails and ramps to the individual consultation units as well as the sanitation facilities.


Austria – UNHCR / Verein Projekt Integrationshaus
The services of the Integrationshaus, endorsed by UNHCR, include housing, counselling, education and legal support to asylum seekers and refugees, with a special focus on the most vulnerable, unaccompanied minor refugees and those traumatized and/or with mental health issues.   Due to the large influx of refugees at the end of 2015, this NGO set up a new community residence for ten unaccompanied minors to provide a secure, healthy and nurturing environment assisting them to integrate into the local community.
UNWG funded the purchase of musical instruments, educational and sports equipment in support of this initiative.


IAEA/ Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy (PACT)

The global burden of cancer is increasing at an alarming rate and presents a major public health and development challenge.  The IAEA, through the Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy (PACT), responds to the growing cancer crisis in low and middle income countries, which are least prepared to deal with the consequences of the disease, having limited resources or access to early cancer diagnosis and affordable treatment.  In 2016, UNWG funded three projects in support of this initiative:

  • Bosnia & Herzegovina – Haematology & Oncology Department of Sarajevo Paediatric Clinic.  Equipping the ‘Parents House' for children receiving cancer treatment including medical equipment, furniture, playroom items, music and art therapy materials.
  • El Salvador – Oncology Unit, National Paediatric Hospital in San Salvador. Provision of recreational and hygienic equipment for children receiving cancer treatment.
  • Zimbabwe – Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals in Harare.  Ensuring clinical support for children with cancer through the purchase of a large refrigerator for safe storage of pediatric oncology medication.
  crc 2017 Indonesia  

The United Nations Women's Guild Vienna is proud that our efforts help to make the world better for children in need. Together we make a difference.



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