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"One hundred years from now it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had in my bank account, nor what my clothes looked like. But the world may be a little better because I was important in the life of a child."
- Forest E. Witcraft

Together We Make a Difference
Here are samples of some projects that we provided funding in previous years. Please click >> below for the region:
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Zimbawe 2016
  Burundi 2016  

ZIMBABWE – Collin Nyabadza Children's Voice Charitable Trust
UNWG enhanced the quality of education by providing classroom furniture for Early Childhood Development Classes in four poor rural schools, Tsholotsho District, Zimbabwe.


BURUNDI – Initiative Promoting Health in Rural Areas and Integrated DevelopmentThe UNWG grant was used to improve conditions at the Maternity Unit in the Vyizigiro Gihanga Health Center, through the purchase of hospital and examination beds, surgical kits, a refrigerator for vaccines and installation of a water tank for improved hygiene.  As a result of the contribution, the centre can offer a better service to the increasing number of pregnant women and children coming from the surrounding rural communities.

  Zambia   Cameroon _Women Vision  

ZAMBIA – Blessed to Bless Association
UNWG provided funds for the supply and installation of a bore hole, pump and tank platform enabling 90 children at the Ipalo Christian Community School to have access to water - crucial for cooking, drinking water, handwashing and sanitary facilities. 


CAMEROON  – Abemo-Women of Vision
UNWG grant enables a mobile library to increase access for 120 pupils at three primary schools in rural areas of Kembong-Ewelle.  Purchase of library boxes and 360 text books in French, English and Mathematics.  With the UNWG grant, the schools reported a lower drop-out rate, increased enrolment and improved academic performance.

  Nepal 2016   Vetnam 2016  

NEPAL – Shtrii Shakti
Shtrii Shakti promotes fair and just opportunities for children and youth of marginalized and disadvantaged families/communities and aims to develop their abilities and capacities to the fullest extent enabling them to lead dignified lives in society. The UNWG grant covered construction of a library at the Tulodaya High School, as well as a library and toilet facility at the Himalaya Primary School, two earthquake affected districts of Nepal.  Library books, games materials and class furniture were also purchased.  This is the second contribution provided to Shtrii Shakti in recent years - the Life Vision Academy, Kathmandu, received educational materials and safe drinking water in 2012.


VIET NAM – Child Surgery Viet Nam Foundation
Child Surgery Viet Nam Foundation arranges for surgical procedures on physically disabled children from poor families in remote areas of the Northern provinces.  The foundation aims to reach the poorest and minority families, attending to birth defects, cleft lip, open palate, clubfoot, eye, ear problems, polio, burns and damage from accidents.  Rehabilitation and training of local health workers is incorporated into the programme. UNWG has supported this organization several times enabling over 300 children to receive surgical interventions.  In 2016, the assistance reached 96 children in Son La province.

  Sri Lanka - IAEA/PACT   India_silence  

SRI LANKA - IAEA/ Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy (PACT)
The Division of the Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy (PACT) was created by the IAEA to help fight the growing cancer crisis in the developing world.  Model Demonstration Sites have been established in eight countries promoting sustainable cancer control activities based on national priorities.  Between 2008 and 2015 UNWG has assisted cancer establishments in six of the countries targeted.  An example is in Sri Lanka - National Cancer Institute Maharagama WG purchased blood gas analyser for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

  INDIA – Cultural Revival of Ethnic Art through Training & Education (CREATTE),
Austria Project ‘Wonder of Silence’

CREATTE, a Vienna-based organisation in collaboration with the Odisha Association of the Deaf, supporated the ‘Wonder of Silence Centre’ a tailor training workshop-cum-tailoring unit has been established.  The Centre is located in the grounds of a school for hearing impaired children from poor rural families.  In 2014, UNWG funds contributed to the construction of the workshop, purchase of sewing machines and materials for training. 20 students ranging in age from 14 to 16 years are learning basic tailoring skills which will enable them to start earning a living.
  Jordan   Lebanon 2016  

JORDAN – National Association for Special Needs
In 2014 UNWG provided assistance to a school in Amman for 74 special needs children.  The donation was used for purchase and installation of a heating boiler as well as machinery for carpentry training.   Handicraft and woodwork are one of the most successful ways for mentally disabled children to express their feelings and gain a sense of achievement.  The articles are sold at various events, giving the children immense joy and satisfaction to see their work appreciated and also aiding sustainability as the proceeds are channelled back into workshop materials.


LEBANON (Syrian Refugees) – CARITAS Austria
With funding from UNWG two Child Friendly Spaces have been established for Syrian refugee and vulnerable host community children in Lebanon. These centres, which have been equipped with appropriate furniture and educational/play materials, serve as recreational and safe spaces.  The programme follows a holistic approach incorporating the psychosocial well-being and living environment of the children.


PALESTINE – Future Generation Hands Association
UNWG has supported Future Generation Hands Association in 2011 and 2015, on both occasions for the purchase of 150 quality medical eyeglasses for children aged 4 to 7 years.
The NGO carries out follow-up sight tests to ensure correct treatment of refractive errors.

  Guatamana2016   Argentina2016  

GUATEMALA – Fundación para el Desarrollo Integral (FUDI)
FUDI concentrates its efforts in the Chimaltenanago area of Guatemala, specifically with the indigenous community, promoting health and sustainable skills training.  UNWG provided essential medical equipment to the Aqon Jay Mother-Child Care Center, facilitating improved standards for pregnant women and early childhood healthcare, in turn contributing to a reduced risk of maternal and infant mortality.


ARGENTINA - Fundación EscolaresFundación Escolares’ mission is to contribute to the full development of children attending the country´s isolated rural schools, encouraging the participation and commitment of parents and local communities.   UNWG supported a shelter school in the province of Chaco, providing dormitory, classroom and canteen furniture as well as an industrial kitchen stove.  The equipment enables children from remote rural areas to stay in school from Monday to Friday every second week.  The alternate week they remain in their home communities to learn agricultural skills following an educational model known as the 'Work-linked training method'.

Peru 2016
  Mexico 2016  

PERU - Asociacion Manos Unidas
Asociacion Manos Unidas runs a school for special education in the Cusco area, concentrating on autism, significant disabilities, inclusion of students within the community and, where possible, assisted transfer to the public education system.  UNWG funded items for the physical therapy room, the outdoor play/sensory area and an individually designed ‘all inclusive’ playground unit incorporating ramps for wheelchair use and adapted swings for special needs children.  This therapeutic recreation area stimulates communication, cognitive and gross motor development.


MEXICO - Programa de Rehabilitacion Organizado por Jovenes incapacitados de Mexico Occidental (PROJIMO)
PROJIMO’s vision is to promote opportunity and understanding to the disabled community and empower a marginalized population.  UNWG updated the therapy and computer science rooms at the Rehabilitation Centre in Coyotitan, San Ignacio, through installation of new windows and air conditioners, purchase of computers, deep muscle stimulation equipment, educational and sensory stimulation toys.  The equipment has strengthened the Integral Rehabilitation Programme for Children with Disabilities, facilitating physical therapy, cognitive ability, improved communication and educational inclusion of children with disabilities from vulnerable backgrounds.

  Ukraine Medical equipment   Georgia 2016  

UKRAINE – Ukrainian National Charitable Fund Zaporuka
The project's aim is to fight childhood cancer and support migrant families. The UNWG funds are used for renovation of four patient’s rooms in the Pediatric Clinic of Neurosurgery, Kiev. The updated facilities, including the intensive care unit, will ensure improved health care, hygienic sanitation and a nurturing environment for critically ill children. Continued support has been approved in 2017 for renovation of pediatric rooms in the Department of Hematology and Intensive Chemotherapy.


GEORGIA – Young Men's Christian Association of Telavi                      
The Telavi YMCA has a primary focus of assisting internally displaced people aged 6 to 18 years.  In order to improve life skills and future job opportunities of the teenagers, the YMCA wished to initiate wood working classes.  UNWG funds were used to create a training space and for purchase of the wood work machinery and tools.

  ustria Karl Schubert Sch  

AUSTRIA – Karl Schubert Schule
The Karl Schubert School in Vienna caters to children from disadvantaged backgrounds suffering from intellectual development and multiple disabilities.  UNWG funds were utilized to buy specialist percussion instruments for music therapy sessions, thereby assisting the children’s motor skills, sensory and mental stimulation.

  UNHCR Syria   UNHCR Integrated school  

UNHCR / Fundación Promoción Social de la Cultura  (FPSC)
Jordan (Syrian refugees)
FPSC established a clinic in 2013 for disabled people/ people with special needs located in the Za'atari refugee camp, Jordan, with the financial support of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, UNHCR and other donors.  The clinic provides rehabilitation, psychological support and physiotherapy programmes for Syrian refugees, improving their social conditions and ability to engage in the daily life of the camp. UNWG funds have assisted 88 Syrian child refugees per month to gain access to the facilities, by adapting doorways, installing hand rails and ramps to the individual consultation units as well as the sanitation facilities.


Austria – UNHCR / Verein Projekt Integrationshaus
The services of the Integrationshaus, endorsed by UNHCR, include housing, counselling, education and legal support to asylum seekers and refugees, with a special focus on the most vulnerable, unaccompanied minor refugees and those traumatized and/or with mental health issues.   Due to the large influx of refugees at the end of 2015, this NGO set up a new community residence for ten unaccompanied minors to provide a secure, healthy and nurturing environment assisting them to integrate into the local community.
UNWG funded the purchase of musical instruments, educational and sports equipment in support of this initiative.


IAEA/ Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy (PACT)

The global burden of cancer is increasing at an alarming rate and presents a major public health and development challenge.  The IAEA, through the Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy (PACT), responds to the growing cancer crisis in low and middle income countries, which are least prepared to deal with the consequences of the disease, having limited resources or access to early cancer diagnosis and affordable treatment.  In 2016, UNWG funded three projects in support of this initiative:

  • Bosnia & Herzegovina – Haematology & Oncology Department of Sarajevo Paediatric Clinic.  Equipping the ‘Parents House' for children receiving cancer treatment including medical equipment, furniture, playroom items, music and art therapy materials.
  • El Salvador – Oncology Unit, National Paediatric Hospital in San Salvador. Provision of recreational and hygienic equipment for children receiving cancer treatment.
  • Zimbabwe – Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals in Harare.  Ensuring clinical support for children with cancer through the purchase of a large refrigerator for safe storage of pediatric oncology medication.

The United Nations Women's Guild Vienna is proud that our efforts help to make the world better for children in need. Together we make a difference.



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