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The UNWG organizes the annual International Festival Bazaar for the public with free admission for the day.  There ae gift items for sale from around the world, special food and drink offered by kitchens from 60 countries.  There are also international cultural performances for the family.  For a glimpse of the International Festival Bazaar, including lists of donors, please visit the links on the left for Bazaars of past years. 

Many nations and UNWG members participating in the Natilonal Goods, Restaurants, UNWG Members and Austrian NGOs. Professiinalmperformers as well as young talents also.provide entertainment for the visitors.


Bazaar 2017 Participating Nations in National Goods Stalls:
Algeria Islamic Republic of Iran Myanmar Sudan
Armenia Japan Namibia Syria
Azerbaijan Jordan  Nepal Thailand
Bangladesh Kazakhstan Norway Tunisia
Burkina Faso  Kenya Pakistan Turkey
China Kuwait Palestine Ukraine
Colombia Kyrgyzstan Philippines United Kingdom
Ecuador Lebanon Poland Venezuela
Egypt  Libya Qatar Yemen
Ethiopia Lithuania Saudi Arabia Zambia
India Malawi Serbia
Indonesia Mongolia South Africa
Iraque Morocco  Sri Lanka
Bazaar 2017 Participating Nations in Restaurant Stalls:
Algeria Egypt Lebanon Russia
Argentina El Salvador Libya South Africa
Australia/New Zealand Ethiopia Malaysia South Arabia
Austria Georgia Mongolia Sri Lanka
Azerbaijan Germany Morocco Sudan
Bangladesh Hungary Namibia Syria
Belgium India Nigeria Thailand
Brazil Indonesia Pakistan Turkey
Canada Iraque Peru Ukraine
Chile Italy Philippines United Kingdom
China Japan Poland Venezuela
Colombia Jordan Qatar Vietnam
Costa Rica Kenya Republic of Korea Yemen
Cuba Kuwait Romania  
Bazaar 2017 UNWG Stalls
 Antique Coins  Plants (fresh cut and potted plants)
 Books (used books in many languages)  Surprise Corner (a small donation brings
great joy)
 Charity Second Hand Shop jewelry/clothing/housewares/collectables)  Vintage Stamps
 Kiosk (souvenirs and gifts)  UNWG Photo Booth
Austrian and Austria based Charities
  The UNWG also provides space at the bazaar for Austria based organizations that share a similar goal of the UNWG. In 2017 the following organizations raised ove €10,000 for their programs.  
Aids Hilfe Wien Make Me Smile International
Behindertenhilfe fuer Indien ÖHTB Arbeiten GmbH
Behindertenhilfe Klosterneuburg Oesterreichische Mexikanische Gesellschaft
Bloombo Selbsthilfegr. Pflegefamilien und SH Werkstatt
CREATTE (Cultural Revival of Ethnic Art through training & education) Rettsyndrom  GsmbH
Dr. Adolf-Lorenz-Schule Rheumalis
Ferdosi Foundation Rotaract Club Wien -Oper
Helping Hands Family VANAKKAM-Verein fuer soziale Entwicklung in Suedindien
Hope for the Future Verein Childrenplanet
Iran Natural Disaster Relief Verein Wobes/Biwog
Lions Club Wien Ostarrichi Wiener Sozialdienste Foerdereung & Begleitung GmbH
International Cultural Performance
  The program has been orgnized by Zena Eggough for over 40 years. The entertainment program included a parade of children in national costume, young talents were showcased and performances frommany countries such as the following:    
Austria Columbia  Mexico  Trinidad & Tobago 
Azerbaijan  Cuba  Namibia   United States of America
Bangladesh  Ethiopia  Nepal Venezuela 
Brazil  India  Peru   
Bulgaria  Japan  South Africa   
Young Talent Show
Chinese Philharmonic Choir  Jenna & dance partner - Bharata Natyam 
Mila & Lily  Aleksandra Gacyk-Bugajska - Polish folk performance 
Helen Steiner  Barbara Ali & Angelo Kreuzberger 
Kegi Aregbe Eva Attapah & acrobatic performers
Designer Hong Nguyen Fashion Show  Keji Aregbe 
Patricia Cabreda & Yenny Cabreda -  Paraguay  Juky Paraquay - Margareta Tank & Alfredo Lobitber
Arts aqnd Craft Stalls
Amba- Jelinek  Golkoswky,Rosemarie 
Acevedo, Tarcila  Gryschuk, Olga 
Astner, Daniel  Hurban, Karin 
Binderhofer, Edith  Kraut, Mabel 
Farrell, Mary  Miksits , Harriet 
Japanische Katholische Gemeinde  Olivera de Graf, Doris
Galidescu, Maria Elena