In 2017 the UNWG celebrates our 50th

To celebrate 40 years of friendship and charity, we invite you to meet some of our members.
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Joining Hands to Help Children
  The United Nations Women’s Guild Vienna, UNWG, is a charity organisation founded in 1967 and currently has approximately 500 members from over 100 countries. 
The UNWG serves as a Charity Organisation but also a Circle of Friendship, support and resources for women connected with the United Nations Organisations in Vienna. The purpose of the Guild is to assist children in need and/or mother–childcare programs throughout the world. Language should never be a barrier.  Guild members come from many countries and there is always someone who speaks your language.

UNWG Board 2020
From Left: Tamara Babyan-Bohdjalian, Patricia Esperone Caruso, Ruiqing Zhao, Cathy Kieffer, Nora Aubert, Pea Laurintytär,
Ruchi Gupta, Stella Urbani, Barbara Bao, Maya Widyasari Subki.


Membership of the UNWG is open to any woman who is a staff member or a spouse of a staff member of the United Nations Organizations or Permanent Missions to these organizations in Vienna. A monthly newsletter and weekly Friday update is available to all members either online or via post.

The Guild has a General Meeting, once a month except in July and August.  Once a month we also host a Welcoming Coffee to introduce new members.  Very often this includes a cultural program presented by a host country.

The UNWG has many regular activities for our members to pursue special interests and to meet other members in smaller groups.  There are languages classes, and clubs such as book club, Poetry club, and Bridge club.  The walk/run group meets on Tuesday and Thursdays.

There are guided tours to art exhibitions, galleries, places of historical and topical interest in Vienna, and day trips to surrounding areas.

The Guild also sponsors tours outside Austria for our members.  These trips are usually organized by our members, often in conjunction with the embassy or knowledgeable people from the country being visited.  The trips are a golden opportunity to explore new places in the company of good friends. We have been to such diverse countries as India, China, Thailand, Armenia, Kenya, Morocco, Mexico, Germany, Russia, Portugal, Azerbaijan and many others.
  African & Russian  
Our fundraising activities include a Bookstore, a Charity Shop, and a Kiosk at Gate 1 where the public can purchase international goods and souvenirs. Groups include stamp group, coin group, quilting group, gardening group and a ribbon embroidery group. Other fundraisers include an annual international luncheon featuring foods from all over the world.  Our main fundraiser is the International Festival Charity Bazaar.  This is 2-days celebration of the cultures and foods of all countries.
  groups of women

For women interested to join the UNWG as a member or volunteer, please contact the UNWG Membership Chairwoman: »

All proceeds from fundraising go to projects for children in need.