January 2021  

Dear Members,
In the months since the COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down, we have monitored the situation carefully. Every step of the way, our focus has been on the health and safety of our international community. Our planning has followed the lead of medical experts and public health officials.  We have watched the numbers rise and decline.   With the introduction of a promising vaccine, we hope to be able to get back to a more normal way of life.
The year 2020 was not like any other year. COVID-19 presented a major challenge to nearly every area of life. The UNWG was no exception, nevertheless, our focus still remains on raising funds for our children’s charities and we will work towards this in accordance with the evolving situation; that commitment will remain paramount.
We are reminded of the tenacious, resilient spirit of our UNWG community as we strive to attain our goal of improving the quality of life for vulnerable women and children around the world. Despite the pandemic, members of the Charity Committee diligently reviewed the charity proposals submitted for funding in 2020.

  Working mostly on-line with occasional in-person meetings, CRC completed the review with obtained General member approval. The disbursement of funds for 2020 is almost complete.
In the meantime, please be careful and stay safe. We would love to hear from you. Our email is: unwgviennapresident@gmail.com
    Nora Aubert
President 2020, 2021

February and March 2021

Internation Women's Day

womens day

Wed. 10 March

Guest speaker:
Frau Doris Schmidauer, Wife of Austrian President.


General Meeting

Wed. 24 March

A Zoom invitation will be sent to your email.

Presentation on
"Covid-19 Vaccination
by Dr. Matthias Ladermann
VIC Medical Director
Thursday 25 Febraury, 10.00
Maya Subki


ZOOM invitation
will be sent to your email.

Virtual Origami 2
with Peggy Nagashima.
4 March 2021
10:00 am cet (Vienna)

Virtual Gardening
with Linda Pek
Wednesday, 24 March

Activities General Contact:
UNWG ActivitiesChair
Maya Subki

UNWG Book Group

Online discussion

Monday 8 March

The Buddha in the Attic"
by Julie Otsuka (Japan)

Contact:Teresa Schulte bookgroupunwg@gmail.com


Dead Poet Society
Tuesday 9 March
17.00 hr via Zoom

Theme: "Moving On"

Please contact
Madelief Hobohm

UNWG Language Classes

All classes are offered online, via interactive programs

UNWG English Classes

Monday afternoon
(Starting 19 January)

Viorica Cursaru 


UNWG German Classes
Tuesday 10:00-11:00
(starting 2 February)

Contact: Gerda Hoffer

UNWG Spanish Classes
Tuesday 10:00-11:00
(Starting 17 February)

Contact:Dalila Leon-Kosta

UNWG Italian classes
via Skype

*Wednesday 12-13.00 (intermediate)

*Thursday 13.15-14.15 (beginners)

*Thursday 12.00-13.00
( advanced)

Elena Starovoyt estarovoit@hotmail.comm

UNWG Russian Classes
Tuesday 10:00-11:00
(starting 21 March

Yuliya Tulubtsova

Food Donations

We live in a comfortable world but still many people in our neighborhood who are homeless and hungry, suffering especiallyduring the pandemic.

There is no organized program by the UNWG. But we encourage you to donate food to charitable organizations in Vienna. If you wish to donate food, here are a few centers you can contribute to (Contacts for these organizations are in your email:
* Lebensmittelrettung Österreich
*Share & Care Lebensmittel Schenk Gruppe W & NÖ
*Kostenlose Lebensmittel in Wien
*Ute Bock Haus

  Family Support Committee  

As the Corona virus has reached the second wave in Austria, the Family Support Committee Team is willing to meet and talk with you in case you have personal matters to discuss.  Please call Shosho Baghdoyan on +43 699 1330 9701 or email: shosho@baghdoyan.net.  Shosho will direct you to an appropriate FSC member. The FSCmembers for 2020 are:
Choghik Baghdoyan (Austria) (English, French, Arabic, Armenian, German) • Lesley Mcinnis (UK) (English, German) • Louise Aloma Macho (Austria) • Tamara Babayan-Bohdjalian (Iran/Austria) (English, French, German, Russian, Armenian, Persian) • Nora Aubert (USA) (English, German) President UNWG (Ex-officio Member).

Curent information on Covid-19:




Membership Renewal 2020/2021

Dear members,
Hope that you and your family are doing well.

You are kindly requested to renew your membership for 2021 (if not yet done) by making a bank transfer of 20 Euro to the following UNWG bank membership account, indicating your full name on the bank slip. If you wish to receive the hard copy of the Newsletter, please pay additional amount of 20 Euro for postage charges. Remember that your membership runs from January to December of a calendar year regardless when you originally joined or renewed.

Membership payment transfr to UNWG bank account. Indicating your full name, email address and the year on the bank slip.

IBAN:  AT73 1200 0503 4726 5501, BIC: BKAUATWW

In case you changed your address, phone, or email, please let me know to update your data.

I would like to ask you to encourage your colleagues and friends to join the Guild.
Thank you for your kind attention and your usual support. The bank account for UNWG Charity Donation is: Bank Austria IBAN: AT61 1200 0006 9000 1300


Thank you for your kind attention and your usual support.

Stay safe and healthy.
Tamara Babayan-Bohdjalian
Membership Chair 2021


  Dear Members,

The Charity Review office invites you to join the Charity Review Committee (CRC) 2021. Despite the fact that we have limited funds to be awarded to global projects within our mandate, we continue to work and persist despite the pandemic, we are here joining hands to help children as much as we can! Joined hands, great effort and much success. We are calling out to ladies who want to join the team, for those who are new, worry not, there will be training to bring you up to speed and empower you to evaluate the incoming projects. Take this chance to add or sharpen your many skills. For those interested please send an email to: unwgcharityvienna@gmail.com and we will definitely come back to you with more details. We look forward to hearing from you!
A short description as to why you want to be on the committee and background would be helpful. Any member of the guild can join the committee. We will be looking for a cross section of people from all seven regions.  The selection of the new team will take place in February. The work for the committee is usually January to April and then helping with the ceremony later in the year.
2021 Dorika 2vp-charity
Dorika Achachi
2nd Vice President



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