Gemeinsam können wir etwas bewegen
Together We Make A Difference

  Ziel des UNWG-Kinderhilfsprogramme
Jedes Jahr unterstützt die UNWG viele Hilfsprojekte für Kinder in Österreich und weltweit. Dieses Hilfsprogramm basiert auf Projekten, deren einziges Ziel es ist, Kindern in Not zu helfen. Das UNWG Hilfsprogramm kommt Kindern zugute, die Opfer von Gewalt wurden; die eingeschränkten Zugang zu Bildung haben; die schwer krank sind, die z.B. an Aids leiden, die keinen Zugang zu sauberem Trinkwasser haben; aber auch Kindern, die Opfer von Katastrophen wurden; die Waisen oder behindert sind oder Kindern, die unter extremer Armut oder Hunger leiden.
  Here ae samples of some projects that we provided fundig in previous years:  
  Cameroon 2014   Kenya 2014  
  2014 Cameroon - Abemo Women of Vision. Sustainable mobile library to increase access to education for 120 pupils at three primary schools in rural Kembong-Ewelle.  Purchase of library boxes and 360 text books in French, English and Mathematics.  As a result of the UNWG grant, the schools reported a lower drop-out rate, increased enrolment and improved academic performance - 58 pupils passed the common entrance examination into secondary schools and 62 moved up to class levels 5 and 6.   2014 KENYA – Murera Community Empowerment and Support Project
UNWG paid for safe sanitation and drinking water facilities at the Ndururumo Primary School in Ruiru district.  This has resulted in a reduction of water borne related diseases, improved hygiene and sanitation practices among the 675 school children. Absenteeism, in particular drop-out levels of girls, has also decreased considerably.
  Burkina Faso 2014   Kenya 2013  
  2014 BURKINA FASO – Catholic Mission of OuahigouyaIn 2014, UNWG installed solar panels and bought classroom furniture for the village school in Bangassé. The funds improved teaching and study conditions for 515 children and orphans.  The lighting also enabled the students to receive after school help in the evenings.   2013 Kenya - Hirumbi Primary School, Kakamega County.
UNWG provided €7,000 to ensure a safe and conducive learning environment for the 400 girls and 386 boys pupils. This included repair of the school's walls, roo, secure windows and doors, and five classrooms encircled by a veranda, affording protection from extreme weather conditions and allowing classes to continue uninterrupted.   The community were heavily involved in the project and as renovation took place in the summer holidays, children over 12 years could assist voluntarily and gain apprenticeship skills. 
  Bolivia2014   Mexico 2014  
  2014 Bolivia -  Center for Social, Health and Education Support UNWG purchased Ludic educational material for language and mathematics classes, to support 55 children from low income families attending the Sebastian Pagador del la Ciudad de El Alto School.  The materials have helped the children to attain improved cognitive function, social development, fine and gross motor skills.   2014 Mexico - Centro Oaxaqueño de Rehabilitación de Audición y Lenguaj
UNWG purchased two portable audiometers for early detection and prevention of hearing loss among children from the marginalized rural areas of the State of Oaxaca.  52 hearing health campaigns reaching 1,524 children from 11 different villages.  51 children were diagnosed with hearing loss and referred for treatment.  A follow-up strategy is in place with ten trained community workers tracking results and informing parents on the causes of hearing impairment, the risks and treatment options available
  Georgia 2014   Austria 2013  
  2014 GEORGIA – International Association for Aid to Children suffering from Leukemia
A playroom and outdoor jungle gym at the residential parent/patient house was created in Lashvili Children’s Centre Hospital in Tbilisi.  The “Parent’s House” offers accommodation to families living long distances from hospital with children undergoing treatment for leukemia, as well as other severe oncological and haematological diseases.  The additional recreational space improves the patient’s quality of life during this stressful period and aids social rehabilitation.
  2013 & 2014 AUSTRIA – Wiener Hilfswerk UNWG provided funds in 2013 to furnish the new premises “Spielotheke” and “Aktionsraum”.  An additional grant was approved in 2014 for the purchase of specialist tools/toys, equipment and communication techniques.  The apparatus helps 50 disabled children to participate in educational and recreational activities, enabling them to articulate their needs more effectively and to act independently.  
Ukraine 2013
  2013 UKRAINE – Caritas Sambir-Drohobych Diocese Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church
UNWG equipped a kitchen and dining room enabling handicapped children to eat at the Caritas leisure centre “Wonderful Hands” and also acquire life skills. Through this project, 25 children with physical and mental disabilities visit the centre on a daily basis, thereby battling isolation and creating independence.   In addition to educational and vocational training, they are taught how to look after themselves through shopping, cooking, baking, serving, tidying up and doing laundry.  Handicrafts made by the children are sold and the proceeds reinvested in materials, giving them a sense of achievement.  In addition to services for the disabled, disadvantaged children, orphaned or victims of abuse are provided hot meals and an opportunity to receive information, assistance and improve their plight.

Die Frauengilde der Vereinten Nationen in Wien ist stolz darauf, dass unsere Bemühungen dazu beitragen, diese Welt für Kinder in Not zu einem besseren Ort zu machen. Gemeinsam können wir vieles bewirken.


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"One hundred years from now
it will not matter what kind of car
I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had in my bank account, nor what my clothes looked like. But the world may be a little better because
I was important in the life of a child."

- Forest E. Witcraft