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9 März 2018

"Zweck und
Ziel der Women's Guild
ist es, not-
leidende Kinder und Mutter-
Kind- Program-
me weltweit zu unterstützen
und zu be-
gleiten und gleichzeitig
den Frauen, die mit den Organi-
sationen der Vereinten Nationen verbunden sind, als gegen-
seitige Stütze und Mittelpunkt gemeinsamer Interessen zu dienen."

- Aus der Verfassung der UNWG
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    General Meeting   Friends & Newcomers  

Wednesday 28 March
VIC F-1001


Contact: Philomena Ugbor or
UNWG Office for
date and place

    ""General Meeting &
Effective Communication"
  Friends & Newcomers' Circle  
    Effective Communication skills in an All-Women Multicultural Group. The world is progressively coming together at a fast rate, and people of all nations are mixing up. Ability to communicate and understand each other is utterly important in order to have a peaceful coexistence. The UNWG, to which we belong, is a typical example of a multinational institution comprising of diverse, multicultural and multilingual individuals. At times, people could get misunderstood.

This interactive workshop is an effort to learn and draw out, in a very positive and participatory way, the communication skills that would help nurture understanding and cooperation within the group. Don’t miss it.
  The Friends & Newcomers' Circle FNC reaches out to new members in the various districts of Vienna, and invites them to the '’Friendship Morning” usually hosted by a Guild member, in her home. The Friendship Mornings provide warm, informal setting for our new members to meet others and allow women to share local information, suggest recommendations and ask questions that are specific to them and their needs at the time of transition. It creates an atmosphere for developing genuine friendship among Guild members. A list of the FNC active members can be fund in the March Newsletter.

If you would like to join the Friends Circle, or to host the Friendship Mornings, or attend the Friendship Mornings, please email Philomena Ugbor: You can also register at the Guild Office.
    Celebrating International Women's Day on Wednesday 7 March 2018, 10:00 at the VIC Conference Room C0213 (2nd floor of C Building). If you would like to present traditional costumes, classical or folk music or dance, or a short video about women in your country, please let us know. Please contact  
Egypt 2013
    Members' Newsletter >>download.
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G Office für detail.
€247,835 has been approved by the UNWG general members for 33 projects in 30 countries for funding in 2017. This amount was raised by members of the UNWG in 2016. For a list of the projects funded, click
>here Notification have been sent to all approved applicants.  Due to the large of applicants (900+), only approved applications have been notified.  Application for 2017 funding is closed. New application forms for 2018 (in multiple languages) are available >>here.
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What's UNWG?
    Kiosk - Geschenkverkauf
Ort: TöR 1, Vienna International Center. Öffentlich zugänglich.
Öffnungszeiten: Mo – Fr, 12:00 – 15:00
Im Angebot sind Souvenirs aus Österreich und der ganzen Welt.
Wir reparieren auch Ihren Schmuck zu sehr günstigen Preisen. Bitte rufen Sie unter 2600-21313 während der Öffnungszeiten an.
Alle Erlöse werden für Kinderhilfsprojekte verwendet.
  Owen Kilgour, Angestellter bei der CTBTO und ein Freund der UNWG, hat viel Zeit und Talent aufgewendet, um ein Video zu produzieren über „What is the UNWG“.  Bitte >>hier klicken zum Starten.  
2016 ceremony
On October 2017, the UNWG presented the grants to the charities selected for assistance this year. Here are some of of members of the UNWG who reviewed the applications.


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