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18 January 2021


"The purpose of the Guild shall be to assist children in need and/or mother-child care programs throughout the world, and to serve as a mutual bond and center of interest for women connected with the United Nations Organizations in Vienna."

-Constitution of the UNWG


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  Due to the situation with Covid-19, all programs of the UNWG are
cancelled until further notice.
  For limited activities, please Click »here for more information.  

In the months since the COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down, we have monitored the situation carefully. Every step of the way, our focus has been on the health and safety of our international community. Our planning has followed the lead of medical experts and public health officials.  We have watched the numbers decline and not surprisingly now a steadily rise again.

After careful consideration we have decided not to hold the Bazaar 2020. It will be impractical and impossible to hold an event like the UNWG Bazaar in its original format.

The year 2020 will not look like any other year. COVID-19 will present a major challenge to nearly every area of life. The UNWG will be no exception, nevertheless, our focus still remains on raising funds for our children’s charities and we will work towards this in accordance with the evolving situation; that commitment will remain paramount.

We are reminded of the tenacious, resilient spirit of our UNWG community as we strive to attain our goal of improving the quality of life for vulnerable women and children around the world. Despite the pandemic, members of the Charity Committee deligently reviewed the charity propoals submited for funding in 2020. Working mostly on-line with occassional in-person meetings, CRC completed the review with obtained General member approval. The disbursement of funds for 2020 is almost complete.

In the meantime, please be careful and stay safe. We would love to hear from you. Our email is:

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Kiosk repurpose

  Kiosk-International Gift Shop
Repurpose, Reuse, Reuse, Recycle • All proceeds go to UNWG children's charities.
In an effort to be sustainable the Kiosk has stocked environment friendly green products.
They are made from recyclable materials from pencils-to-plant, cups to go, bags to reuse.We are proud to present our own  UNWG LOGO sustainable Badge holder, made out of worked recycled plastic, the first to be made of this material!
Gate 1, Vienna International Center. Open to the general public when the VIC is open again after pandemic restriction is relaxed. You may contact us contct us
• Sale of souvenirs from Austria and around the world.
• We also repair jewellery at reasonable price.
All proceeds go to UNWG children's charities.
CRC2020 online
  Some members of UNWG 2020 Charity Review Committee
meeting online to review the proposal applications.
(Cathy Kieffer, Nora Aubet, Karrisa Laughter, Kalpana Scholtes Dash, Sandya Parera,
Rena Hawash-Al-Masri)